This blog will cover two of my passions: racism and feminism.  Both of these topics are hot topics today, but are mostly discussed as separate and at times, opposing philosophies.   With this blog I intend to discuss the two in tandem as often as I can. Intersectionality is important in discussing both causes.  I hope that this blog and its followers will have an interactive and respectful relationship.  The only way we make it through the racism and misogyny plaguing our nation is together.

As I intend to write extensively on power and privilege, I owe it to my readers to discuss my own identities and potential blind spots.   I am a heterosexual cisgender Asian American male.  I have had the privilege of growing up in the upper middle class.  I grew up in White suburbia.  I consider myself to be agnostic.  Professionally, I am a doctoral student.  My research foci primarily center on unconscious racism and white privilege. Though my research interests are primarily in the realm of racism, I believe that discussions of intersectionality are important.  No individual has a race independent of a gender.  I try to keep abreast of current issues in both racism and feminism.

For the underprivileged, the world wide web can be both a place of empowerment and disempowerment.  In this blog, I aim to do the former.  The internet has provided us a means to connect with one another and fight the power structures that be together.  We cannot afford to squander an opportunity like this in times like these.


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